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Adams Memorial Hospital has 2 Anticoagulation Clinic Locations:

The Decatur Clinic is located on the first floor of Adams Memorial Hospital in the education wing directly across from P&R Medical.


Our Berne Clinic is located in the Swiss Village Outpatient Clinic at Swiss Village Nursing Facility in Berne. The clinic offers convenience to patients and eliminates long distance travel time.

The Adams Memorial Hospital Anticoagulation Therapy Clinics were designed to assist physicians in the management of patients prescribed warfarin therapy, more commonly known as Coumadin. Patients may contact their physician who will then refer them to the clinic, or they may direct questions to the following numbers:


Pharmacy: 724-2145 x2602
Clinic Voicemail: 724-2145 x1711


Patients that have been referred to the clinic by their physician, may come to either clinic location to have a fingerstick lab test. The fingerstick determines the patient’s INR, and dosing adjustments.
The Anticoagulation Clinics are staffed by licensed Adams Memorial Hospital pharmacists. The pharmacist then assists the patient with dosing instructions and education. Once a physician sends a referral form to t he clinic for a patient, the clinic will contact the patient to set up an initial appointment.

All follow-up appointments are scheduled directly between the patient and the Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic. All physicians that have signed up to use the clinic’s services have received a supply of referral forms for their office use. The pharmacy staff would also be happy to forward all the needed information to any interested physician’s office.


Clinic Hours: (All visits are scheduled by appointment only)


The Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic is currently open Monday through Thursday at the Decatur office and Wednesdays at the Berne office.