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Our mission in Rehabilitation is to offer the highest level of patient care and programs that will enhance the physical, psychological, and emotional health of the population served.


Experience the Power of Water…



Adams Health Network now offers the HydroWorx Therapy pool through our Rehabilitation Department at Adams Memorial Hospital. Aquatic Therapy helps patients to rise above injury and illness. Our new HydroWorx pool allows patients to have accelerated surgical recovery time, relief from chronic pain and disease, and improved fitness and energy levels. Additionally, studies prove underwater treadmills to be more effective in a weight loss program than a land based treadmill.

HydroWorx’s patented underwater treadmill is revolutionizing physical therapy and healthcare. By taking advantage of the body’s buoyancy in water, a HydroWorx pool will eliminate from 20% to 90% of an individual’s body weight. For example, fully unweighted, a 200 pound patient will bear only 20 pounds while in the aquatic therapy pool. This, in conjunction with therapeutic warm water, allow for substantially decrease joint compression and pain.

As a result, early range-of-motion gains during rehab are immediately a reality. Gait training in a low impact environment allows for earlier replication of proper ambulatory biomechanics, which were formerly postponed until pain-free, land based training was possible. Hydrostatic pressure promotes the healing and strengthening of injury tissue by reducing joint stiffness, decreasing swelling, and lowering blood pressure levels. Cardiovascular stamina, muscle toning, and flexibility are augmented by the resistance that water provides.

If you are interested in the benefits of our new HydroWorx Therapy Pool, please talk to your physician regarding a referral to Adams Memorial Hospital’s Rehab Department or for more information call 260-724-2145 x11031.

Services Provided

- Physical Therapy
- Occupational Therapy
- Respiratory Therapy
- Speech Therapy


- Fully-qualified, licensed personnel
- State of the art equipment



- Main office in Adams Memorial Hospital, Decatur, IN.
- Satellite department in Berne, located at Swiss Village
- Monroeville, at The Village of Heritage, (260)623-6624


Contact Information

- (260)724-2145
- Ext. 1531 - Physical Therapy
- Ext. 1531- Occupational Therapy
- Ext. 1531 - Speech Therapy
- Berne office (260) 589-8865
- Monroeville (260) 623-6440
-Woodcrest Physical Therapy Ext. 6253

Programs Offered

Individualized patient care for a wide variety of problems/diagnoses.
- Stroke rehabilitation
- Sports injuries rehab
- Back pain
- Neck pain
- Lymphedema management
- Tendonitis
- Injuries to joints and muscles
- Developmental delay
- Speech problems
- Swallowing problems
- Repetitive use injuries
- Cognitive problems
- Other problems with gait, ability to care for self, or pain.


Instructional programs

- Worker athlete program
- Spine/Arm School
- Industrial work site analysis

The rehabilitation department of Adams Memorial Hospital consists of the services of physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Together, we serve a population from children to seniors. Reasons for therapy services may include injury, illness, accidents, pre- and post-surgical care, inpatient, outpatient, home health, and skilled therapy needs. Services are provided at the hospital as well as satellite locations in Berne and Monroeville.


Our skilled therapists offer the community an experienced staff providing quality, personal, and convenient care. Our facility is small enough to provide personal attention and large enough to provide state of the art care. At Adams Memorial Hospital, you will never be treated as a number.


Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Outpatients must make an appointment. We provide daily to twice-daily treatment for hospital patients needing therapy care.

Visiting Hours

Family Members are encouraged to participate with and/or observe therapy treatments with consent of the patient.


Physical Therapy
- General strength and conditioning
- Return to work
- Return to sports
- Pain management
- Orthopaedic and spine care
- Stroke and neurological treatment
- Lymphedema management
- Custom orthotics–certified staff
- Diabetes and exercise information
- Pilates
- Pre- and post-op joint replacement
- Worksteps
- Muscle energy techniques


Occupational Therapy
- Ergonomic evaluations and programs
- Home assessment for equipment needs
- Splinting
- Activities of daily living
- Cognitive retraining


Speech Therapy
- Swallow studies–modified barium studies inconjunction with radiology
- Voice therapy
- Fluency therapy
- Management of swallowing disorders
- Speech/language and cognitive disorders


(260)724-2145 x11031